In 2016, I saw a documentary called The True Cost, and I immediately changed the way I designed for my business. Learning that fashion is the 2nd largest polluter in the world, I refused to contribute to the problem.

Considering that the average American trashes 70 pounds of textiles each year, I decided to make new clothing from old clothing.

I source post-consumer garments from secondhand stores or warehouses, and I treat them just like I would new fabric. I use my original patterns to create new designs, while simultaneously keeping clothing out of the landfill.

For IRISHLATINA, sustainability is not a trend. It’s about respecting the earth’s resources, and the quality of human life. I believe that all aspects of creation should be considered, from raw material to the finished product. Those priorities will always be in fashion!

At IRISHLATINA, all clothing is made in-house in Southern California. I maintain a transparent manufacturing process, and  welcome any questions about how we do things. I also encourage you, my lovely customer, to ask yourself “Who made my clothes?”


Love, Rebecca